CHHA-Calgary’s upcoming casino will be held February 22 & 23, 2019 at Cowboys Casino Calgary

Members of CHHA Calgary are needed to help volunteer at the Casino !

Please volunteer either a day shift or evening shift for one or two days as this casino is an important fundraiser for our access projects.

Casino funds enable CHHA Calgary to:

  • Provide CART (real time captioning) for member meetings and conferences including the annual CHHA national conference
  • Support Rotary Challenger Park
  • Fund equipment and batteries for individuals with low income who are Cochlear Implant users
  • Support member programs
  • Initate and develop community access projects such as looping in seniors centres and many other access projects

Please send n email by January 15, 2019 to if you are able to

Please Volunteer and Become a Member. To Sign up or for more information, Please email if you able to volunteer a day or evening shift. Positions t0 be filled include General Manager, Banker, Cashier, Chip Runner and Countroom

Forms can be downloaded, Completed and off from this link: Casino Volunteer Worker Application – AGLC 5400.pdf

Thank you in advance for helping with the Casino!

Sheila Serup, President CHHA Calgary