The following are print and media resources which are useful tools for people wishing to learn more about hearing, communication, and more.


CHHA-Calgary Brochure

Download a copy of CHHA-Calgary’s three-fold brochure that includes information about hearing loss, communicating with others, signs of hearing loss, CHHA-Calgary’s goals, as well as meeting and membership information:


Ear Smarts bookletEar Smarts Booklet

CHHA-Calgary has put together a 53-page booklet titled “Ear Smarts: The Hearing Loss Handbook”. This booklet includes information such as how our ears work, hearing tests, hearing aids and other listening devices, communication tips, cochlear implants, funny stories and jokes, and much more. The table of contents is listed below for a more detailed inclusion of the booklet’s information.

  • How we hearhow do our ears work, and what can go wrong with them?
  • The Audiograman explanation of what may happen when you get your hearing tested, and what the audiogram, or graph, of your hearing means
  • FAQ’sFrequently Asked Questions about hearing loss
  • Hearing Aidstypes of hearing aids, how they work, trouble-shooting, and consumer information
  • Assistive Listening DevicesTechnology, other than hearing aids, that helps you live with your hearing loss
  • The TelephoneTips for people who are hard of hearing, a glossary of telephone terminology, and types of specialized telephones for people who are hard of hearing
  • SpeechreadingFind out about using every available means to understand what is being said – paying attention to lips, gestures, lighting and more – Read More
  • CommunicationTips to help families, friends and co-workers of people who are hard of hearing to be sure that their message is understood
  • The Cochlear ImplantSome people who have no useful hearing left can choose to use this amazing technology
  • NoiseHow noise damages hearing, and how we can prevent noise pollution
  • Dog GuidesSpecially trained dogs can be the “ears” for people who are hard of hearing, late-deafened, or deaf
  • AccessibilityHow to get your communication needs met in public places and by the media

For a sample of some of the communication tips included, feel free to download a copy:


For more information, or to request a copy of the Ear Smarts booklet, please contact us.


Communication Tips

For a sample of some of the communication tips included in the Ear Smarts booklet download a copy:



Sound Ideas Video

“Sound Ideas” (recently updated!), is an instructional DVD and manual kit designed to provide tools to help you live successfully with hearing loss. Funded by HRDC Canada, the eight-module video is the first of its kind in Canada, and is intended to be used for self-teaching or group instructional environments. This DVD has been recently updated with a new cover and more user-friendly digital menu that can be controlled with your DVD remote. We in Calgary are especially proud of this video because it was produced right here in Calgary! Many of the people you will see in this very helpful production are, or have been, members of CHHA-Calgary.

“Sound Ideas” comprises eight modules, watched at your own pace with remote in hand.

  • You will learn the basics of speechreading – it’s more than lip-reading, and you will be able to practice Speechreading exercises at home.
  • You will learn more about hearing loss, and about coping with those difficult situations, such as the workplace or dining out, and be given information about other hearing loss issues.
  • You will learn about testing for hearing loss, hearing aids, telephones and other technology.
  • You will be introduced to a virtual community of hard of hearing people (some from CHHA-Calgary) and their families as they share the challenge of accepting and managing a hearing loss.

Managing a hearing loss is tough, but it is possible. Here are some excerpts from “Sound Ideas” to show you how. Press the play button (on the far left on the bar underneath the video) to start the clip. The video comes with sound, so please turn on your computer speakers. To view the video full screen, click on the icon with the arrow.

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To order the “Sound Ideas” video, use this link to the national Canadian Hard of Hearing Association’s web site:

Find out more about Speechreading classes in Calgary by calling Deaf & Hear Alberta at (403) 284-6205.