CHHA National Scholarship Program

Established in 2002, the purpose of the Scholarship Program is to offer financial assistance and recognition to hard of hearing and deafened students registered in a full-time program at a recognized college or university, in any area of study, with the ultimate goal of obtaining a diploma or degree. Three awards of $1,000 each are granted annually, and in 2013 an additional award was added for an applicant who uses a cochlear implant and is a CHHA Member.

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The 2015 scholarship application form is now available online, with a deadline of March 2, 2015 at 3 pm (EST).


Cochlear Implant Funding Assistance Program

Cochlear ImplantCHHA-Calgary offers funding assistance to Cochlear Implant users to help offset the daily operational costs of cochlear implants for individuals who reside in Alberta, and are on a low or fixed income. Successful applicants are eligible to receive up to $1000 pay for batteries, accessories, and repairs.

If you would like to apply to receive funding through CHHA Calgary’s Cochlear Implant Assistance program, please download the application form:

Please note: The need for financial assistance is defined by the low-income cut-off levels established by the Canadian Council on Social Development –

> Learn more about Cochlear Implants


Alberta Aids To Daily Living

Through Alberta Health’s Aids To Daily Living program, they provide financial assistance to Albertans with long term disability to buy medical equipment and supplies such as hearing aids.

An assessment by a health care professional determines the equipment and supplies that an Albertan can receive through this program.

Albertans pay 25% of the benefit cost to a maximum of $500 per individual or family per year. Low-income Albertans and those receiving income assistance are exempt from paying the cost-sharing portion.

To learn more about how to apply and their approved vendor list click here.