young people managing hearing lossThese tips cover the basic principles of managing a hearing loss:

  • Take responsibility for your hearing loss. You can start helping yourself once you accept responsibility for your hearing loss.
  • Be open about your hearing loss when you need to be. Depending upon your degree of hearing loss, and the situation you find yourself in, you should make it clear at the earliest opportunity that you have a hearing problem. Be proud, be an advocate and help others to understand what you are able to hear and what you are not able to hear. You may be surprised at people’s interest.
  • Learn to think ahead: anticipate background noise; plan how to handle situations where you might have difficulty hearing; prepare information and responses ahead of time if you can. It is OK to say to your friends and family “I prefer to go to this place or to sit at this table in a restaurant” because you deserve to have a good time too.
  • Tell people how they can help you understand: “speak more clearly”; “speak slower”; “speak louder”; “look at me”. Know what you need and ask for it.
  • Choose, or move to, the best location for listening. Wherever you go, think about where you will hear best, and make an effort to get there.
  • Make the best use of the hearing you do have: learn about speechreading, hearing aids and assistive listening devices.
  • Keep a sense of humour!


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