M anaging your hearing loss is important, otherwise it might manage you. Managing your hearing loss is not always easy, and it is sometimes tempting to avoid using technology, to stay away from group activities and to withdraw from challenges. To avoid these pitfalls, it is important to learn about and to use Hearing Loss Management Strategies.


Principles of Managing Hearing Loss

These tips cover the basic principles of managing a hearing loss.

learning to hear with assistive listening device

Assistive Listening Devices

The Assistive Listening Devices page discusses technology, other than hearing aids, that helps you live with your hearing loss.

Cochlear Implant testimonial from Kris Martin

Cochlear Implants

The cochlear implant provides an option for people with a severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss in both ears, who would receive little or no benefit from hearing aids.



Find out about using every available means to understand what is being said – paying attention to lips, gestures, lighting and more. Learn more about speechreading.

Eating out and hard of hearing

Eating Out

We love eating out, but it can present challenges for people who are hard of hearing. A noisy environment, lots of people at a table, servers who are difficult to hear – we all have our pet peeves. We have some restaurant strategies for you that can make dining out easier.

hearing help for young people

Suggestions For Young People

Our students and young adults page is designed to help you manage your hearing loss and access the help and resources that Calgary and its various Educational Institutions offer – Learn More